McGill Student’s Chapter of Nourish International will be running ventures, or on-campus businesses, in order to raise awareness, build chapter membership, and increase our investment in our international project.

What Ventures Are We Running This Year?


We started the year with a bang: McGill Nourish International Launch Party: Drake and Cake! Partnering with our student bar, we were able to raise over $1000 in one night selling homemade cake and playing only the best hits of Drake.

We branched out to a different demographic through partnering with local yoga studios and hosting yoga classes. We held a Candlelight Karma Yoga event where we had live music and candles lead the class into a peaceful evening.

Last semester, we brought back the Coffee House in the form of “Evening Energies” at the Notman House. We invited a variety of talents from poets to musicians for a night of cool vibes, warm drinks, and baked goods. Additionally we set up a thrift shop!

We are looking forward to many more events this semester!

Check out our calendar for upcoming ventures. Check out our Facebook Page for events and what we’re up to!

If you’re interested in joining our Ventures team, contact Joanna Pineda ( or Laura Holden (

Why Ventures?

We believe that business can be a powerful tool for creating opportunity, and seek to use markets when possible to produce sustainable wealth and possibility for both our communities and communities abroad. We seek to invest in social enterprise.
Ventures vary across campuses and include Business Ventures like Sidewalk Symphonies, Hunger Lunch, Café Nourish, and Event Ventures like the Thrift Sale and Hold’em for Hunger poker tournament.

We strive to incorporate the triple bottom line into all our Ventures. The Triple Bottom Line Theory considers the impact of business on People, Planet, and Profit.

People: Our Ventures respect the health, safety and prosperity of all producers, vendors, volunteers, consumers and the greater community, ensuring fair and beneficial practices towards all involved.
Planet: Our Ventures respectfully steward the environment. All products are sourced, consumed, and disposed of in a way that reflects sustainable environmental practices.
Profit: Our Ventures create a viable business that sustainably produces profits.