Chapter Founders class of 2014 at Summer Institute in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Chapter Founders class of 2014 at Summer Institute in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Our Mission

Nourish International engages students and empowers communities to make lasting impact on extreme poverty.

Our Vision

We envision Nourish as a global movement through which students make a sustainable impact on extreme poverty and create opportunities for change. We envision a world in which all people are able to meet their basic human needs.

Our Values

  1. We believe that all lives have equal value and that all people should have access to the basic necessities of human life.
  2. We believe that the end of extreme poverty is possible within our lifetime.
  3. We believe that development is best when done in partnership with people in their communities.
  4. We believe in empowering students and communities to take action for sustainably ending poverty with the tools of education, intercultural understanding, business, and social enterprise.
  5. We believe that investing in students will engage them in a lifestyle of positive impact.

Nourish makes an impact in two ways:

1) Through our Projects where we invest in long-term, community-based solutions to poverty

2) Through our students whom we equip with the entrepreneurship, leadership, and cross-cultural skills they need to become lifelong agents of social change

Read more about Our Impact in our Annual Report 2012-2013.

Learn more about Our Model.

Our Projects

Since 2003, Nourish has completed 113 international projects in 28 countries. Nourish has invested over $460,000 and the time and skills of 622 student interns in development projects abroad. In 2013 alone, over 55,000 people benefited from our work in 12 different countries.

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Our students

Nourish International equips students with the skills and experiences needed to become agents of social change. The experience of running businesses on their campus, selecting a project, partnering with a community to implement it, and assessing the outcome allows students to make a difference while still in school and grow into seasoned leaders in the process.

In addition to having a global impact, Nourish students develop friendships with like-minded peers who inspire and support them as they pursue social change for the rest of their lives.

Visit our alumni page to learn more about how Nourish students are continuing to shape the future for the better!