Sally MaxwellSally Maxwell
Chapter Leader and International Projects Director

Sally Maxwell is a second year student at McGill University, majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Geography. She’s very excited to start Canada’s first Nourish Chapter, and to continue her international work. In 2011, Sally started a club at her high school to raise funds for water programs in Kenya. Through benefit concerts, art projects, and film screenings Sally got to create sustainable water programs at Chelilis Girls Secondary School in Litein, Kenya. Her work culminated in visiting Litein, and experiencing how much grassroots student’s movements can create change. Sally is excited to create even more change with Nourish, both in Montreal and internationally.


Mikaela FitzwilliamMikaela Fitzwilliam
Chapter Leader and Venture Director

Mikaela Fitzwilliam is a second year management student at McGill University focusing in Managing for Sustainability, with a double minor in Mandarin and Spanish. Mikaela has a passion for creating accessible education for all, as it’s the key to creating successful, sustainable, and empowered communities. Previously, Mikaela created a baking club, which taught baking skills to after-school programs in order to foster community ties, develop skills, and create leadership opportunities for students. She’s looking forward to bringing Nourish to Canada, even though she’s from the States.



LauraLaura Holden
Projects Communications Coordinator

Laura Holden is involved in planning some activities for the McGill Nourish team and helping out with planning this year’s projects. She was born and raised in Montreal, and is currently studying International Development and Environment. Food sustainability is the overall goal of her studies, which is why she is so passionate about Nourish!






LailyLaily Popal
Internal Communications Coordinator

Laily Popal is in her second year studying Computer Science & Biology. She can speak English, French and Persian fluently as well understanding Spanish and German quite well. She serves as our internal communication coordinator, keeping the whole Nourish team informed & up to date on our Chapter’s activities.







LizaLiza Levitis
Outreach Chair

Liza Levitis is in her second year majoring in Cognitive Science. She is interested in all things related to food! Liza is our Outreach Chair. She is in charge of running awareness-related events and keeping Nourish-supporters informed about what projects we are involved in.








Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.59.55 PMJoanna Pineda
Venture Communications Chair

Joanna Pineda is in her second year pursuing a joint major in Computer Science and Biology! She loves learning about new cultures are languages. Joanna is our Venture Communications Chair. She is in charge communications for the ventures team.








Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.00.17 PMCeleste Welch
Volunteer Chair

Celeste Welch is the Volunteer Chair for our Chapter of Nourish International. Her job is basically to recruit/manage volunteers and help plan and run our volunteer based activities. She is a first year, U1 student, here at McGill in the Arts & Sciences Program and will probably be double majoring in Biochemistry and either Psychology or Neuroscience.





AnnaAnna Marchese
Venture Chair

Anna Marchese is the Venture Chair of McGill Nourish. Her role entails planning, scheduling, and coordinating Nourish events in order to fund the projects committee. Anna is a second year studying International Development and Economics. She is from Fair Haven, New Jersey.






AlecAlec Tilly
Culture Chair

Alec Tilly is pursuing a double major in World Religions and International Development, and is real excited to put some of Nourish’s ideas into action! He comes from New Mexico, and loves nature, food, music, and a good book. While sometimes overly ambitious, he strongly believes in the possibility that every human has equal access to rights, basic needs, and happiness.







JessicaJessica Redmond
Evaluation Chair

Jessica Redmond is the evaluation chair which means she oversees all events to monitor progress and see where McGill Nourish can improve as a chapter. She is from Edmonton, Alberta and loves to travel and ski. She became involved with Nourish because she believes they are involved with a great approach to development.








KurtKurt Cavadias
Marketing Coordinator

Kurt Cavadias is in his second year studying Marketing with a minor in Psychology. He also has a passion for photography. He is in charge of all of our Chapter’s marketing for ventures and events.