McGill is the first Canadian Chapter of Nourish International – joining a network of over 60 chapters working together to engage students and empower communities to make an impact on extreme poverty.

Nourish’s approach is based on international development + social enterprise + student leadership development.

Nourish’s Values

  1. We believe that all lives have equal value and that all people should have access to the basic necessities of human life.
  2. We believe that the end of extreme poverty is possible within our lifetime.
  3. We believe that development is best when done in partnership with people in their communities.
  4. We believe in empowering students and communities to take action for sustainably ending poverty with the tools of education, intercultural understanding, business, and social enterprise.
  5. We believe that investing in students will engage them in a lifestyle of positive impact.

At the McGill Student’s Chapter of Nourish International we are working towards bringing these values to life on campus – join us as we run meetings, ventures, and projects that will help you make friends and expand your international experience.

What are Ventures?

Ventures are on-campus businesses run by Nourish Chapters in order to raise awareness, build chapter membership, and earn money for international projects.

What are Projects?

Each project is a partnership between an international community organisation and a Nourish Chapter seeking to empower local communities and create opportunities of intercultural exchange.